Vibe Lamp

8-Inch Graphic Lights

Original designs by me and made per order. They look great even when they're off. USB-powered, '3D hologram' effect lights, with personality to match anyone's vibe. More designs to come including; landmarks, dinosaurs, ... cats, idk!? If you have a suggestion for a design, email me!

 made-to-order, with lasers! :) eddie 

We Just Launched! 🚀

- July 14, 2021 -

Many more products and cool graphics to choose from, coming soon! Stay up-to-date on the latest of what's crazy.

Sacred Nostalgia

This brand mixes my own style with my 90s childhood. We launch with the Fresh styled, mystery 'S' (the code, superman, stussy, sacred 's' or whatever you called it!). Many of us learned it somehow in school, (and around the world) well before the internet -- some say the 40s! There's a good chance you know it too.

 btw, lately I see the symbol as a visual reminder of unity. or at minimum a friend maker/conversation starter! :) eddie